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Damon Salvatore

I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.

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// he was a killer     </span>
NAME: Damon Salvatore
"REAL" NAME: Darren Messina
ROOMMATE:Klavier Gavin
AGE: 170 (appears mid-20s)
HAIR COLOUR: dark brown; a shade away from black.
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: average

TIMELINE:The Vampire Diaries 1x22 "Founder's Day" (shortly after the fire)

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: cool to the touch • large, silver lapis lazuli ring with a family crest and a "D" engraved that allows him to walk in sunlight, worn on his left hand: [ 1 ][ 2 ] • a vampire. in case that wasn't clear.

STATUS: 100% healed, thanks to the power event. Recently fed. (NS 59)

// a thing that preyed     
Depending on how he feels and what he's attempting to accomplish, Damon can either be very charming or full of biting sarcasm—sometimes a little of both. He's a good conversationalist, though, and connects easily with people on the surface, possibly because he has always been able to read others pretty well. He's not beyond a flirtatious comment here and there. There's a slight predatory vibe to him on occasion, especially if anyone ticks him off. It's not difficult to tell when he's in a bad mood unless he's deliberately hiding it.

In short, if Damon takes no interest in you aside from your being decent company, time spent with him will be pleasant, perhaps disconcerting on occasion, but relatively uneventful. You may or may not remember him as a pretty face.

His younger brother is Stefan Salvatore. Their relationship is complicated, but all you really need to know is that you shouldn't fuck with Stefan because Damon intensely dislikes it when that happens. He's laid claim to that particular job. It's probably a good idea to leave Elena Gilbert alone, as well.

// living on the things that lived     
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